How to care for a Labrador
A labrador is a medium sized dog and usually enjoys good health. People breeding this breed of dogs, put a lot of effort to prevent hereditary diseases such as ulnar…

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Information about the breed Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retrievers - strong-built, strong dogs. By proportions, they almost resemble a square, they have a dense body and strong paws. The maximum height of a dog is 60 cm,…

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The history of the breed.
The history of labradors comes from the beginning of the 19th century. At this time on the island of Newfoundland, there was a so-called "small Newfoundland", which was a loyal…

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In total there are three varieties of Labradors, distinguished by the color of their wool:

The main, initial color of the breed is black (resin). This is the predominant color.
The color inferior to the dominant is fawn (yellow, cream).
The third, relatively rare, standard color of Labradors is chocolate.

Contrary to popular belief, the color of the dog’s coat does not affect its character. The only significant point when choosing a pet species may be the tendency of Labradors to swim in puddles: the dirt on the light wool will be more noticeable, you will have to wash the dog more often.

Black labrador
The dominant color of the breed. Dogs of this variety should be completely black, without spots and hairs of lighter shades. The color of the nose is black, the eye is dark brown or nutty. The standard allows one white spot of small size on the chest.

Yellow Labrador
There are several varieties of cream color:

golden (golden);
light cream (beige);
light red (fox);
light hepatic;
The color of the eyes, nose, eyelids and lips is dark or black. The color of the muzzle in darker tones, as well as the presence of spots of other shades – are not allowed. The only exception is a small white spot on the chest.

Chocolate Labrador
Infrequently occurring shade of rock. Spots, stripes and color transitions are considered marriage.

The standard allows only monochrome and uniform color coat.
Main colors:

light chocolate;
hepatic (liver);
black (bitter) chocolate.
The dark color of the nose and eyes is considered the best, shades of brown are allowed, with the presence of yellow tones. Wool chocolate Labrador tends to fade in the sun, this is especially noticeable in the summer. By winter, coat color is restored.

Deviation from standard

The accepted breed standards do not meet:

spotted color;
impaired pigmentation: a clear sign – a light brown nose, with a pinkish or coffee tip, as well as light gums and eyelids (coat color can be any);
white “socks” on the paws.
If the Labrador is not intended to participate in exhibitions, puppies with discrepancies can be safely taken.

Spotted color Labrador

How long do labradors live?
Labrador life expectancy averages 10-14 years. It depends on the conditions of maintenance and compliance with the owner of the rules of pet care.

Development features
The development of a Labrador goes through several stages:

From birth to two months. Up to two weeks the puppy is deaf and blind, completely dependent on his mother. After 2-4 weeks, he begins to see and hear his surroundings, becomes more mobile, active. At the age of 1 month, milk teeth begin to be cut.
From three months to a year. The puppy grows quickly, it becomes stronger and stronger, you can begin training. Permanent teeth begin to erupt, the pet needs chewing toys. At 7 months, the Labrador becomes a full-fledged teenager and reaches puberty. From this time begin the training, conduct a basic course of study.
Adult dog. The development of each Labrador depends on the individual characteristics. At the age of about 1.5 years, they reach full development, gaining full weight. It should be regularly practiced to strengthen the muscles and bones of the dog, to maintain the necessary constitution.

Labrador retrievers are known, above all, for their calm disposition. However, the hunting roots of the breed are reflected in the properties of its nature.

Features of Labrador behavior:

Dogs need to communicate with the owners. They usually start to get bored when they are left alone for a long time. An excess of accumulated energy and lack of attention cause them to have destructive inclinations or can lead to apathy.
The dogs of this breed are mobile and need active movement and games. Best of all, if the Labrador lives in a country estate. If the dog lives in a city apartment, it should be regularly walked. Walks should be long enough.
The immediacy and excessive activity of these dogs often leads to accusations of their foolishness. During the first three years of their life, their psyche is still being formed. This may create some problems for the family due to the excessive inclination of the pets to have friendly contact with everyone they meet. However, Labradors are very smart and, with appropriate education, behave quite restrained.
Labrador loves children and gets along well with them. However, his games with young children require constant supervision. The dog will never intentionally harm the child, but may inadvertently knock it over, especially if the dog is young or untrained.
The friendly nature and lack of aggressiveness do not allow the Labrador to effectively perform the functions of a guard dog. He is able to bark long and loudly in some cases, but he is unlikely to be able to provide reliable protection.

What to feed the dog?
Proper nutrition is based on the following principles: adherence to feeding; Food volumes must be appropriate for the health of the dog, its age and stress. Diet For each age…


Labrador retriever. Interesting Facts
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Breed standard
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Labrador is one of the most popular dogs in the world.
Labrador is one of the most popular dogs in the world. The secret of the popularity of this breed is true and simple: Labradors are intelligent and sociable, they are…