Knitting Labrador: Pros and Cons
The minimum age for a Labrador mating is: for bitches - 2 years, for males - 18 months. Too early mating can lead to a suspension of the development of…

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Psychology and intelligence
Whatever description of Labrador breed you may encounter, you will always notice a common trait: the intelligence and intelligence of these dogs are particularly emphasized. They easily understand the commands…

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Labrador care
The rules of care for a Labrador is nothing special, they are not much different from conventional ones. However, there are several nuances that all owners of these dedicated animals…

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Labrador retriever

The incredibly popular worldwide breed of dogs – the Labrador Retriever – received such fame and earned the attention of millions of people.

These good-natured and cheerful dogs are true family members, incapable of aggression (in the most direct sense of the word) and with all their hearts loving their owners and children.

There are two recognized standards for these dogs: [1] English and [2] American. For the average man, the differences between these standards are not noticeable.

Standard breed labrador retriever
The description of the standard Labrador Retriever breed is characterized not only by distinctive external features, but also by focusing on the characteristic psychological characteristics of these dogs, their mood and behavior.

Labrador Retriever is a breed of dog with a strong constitution. Representatives of this breed are very athletic, have developed muscles, which allows them to withstand long runs over long distances.

Initially, Labradors were displayed for hunting. Therefore, these dogs must remain light and energetic.

The ideal height at the withers for a dog is 57-62 cm with an ideal weight of 29-36 kg. Bitches are always smaller than males, and with a growth of no more than 55 cm can weigh up to 31.5 kg.

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Photo 1. Labrador Retriever – the perfect pet
Being overweight for such a dog can lead to a decrease in its activity.

The head is moderately large (in proportion to the size of the body). Differs – a wide skull, but it does not have coarse lines.

The muzzle is not pointed, the transition from the forehead to it is not pronounced.

The upper part of the head is almost parallel to the line of the nose. The so-called dry structure is characteristic of the jaw, that is, the upper lip does not hang, while in general the lips are quite tight to the jaw.

The head is located on a strong and muscular neck.

The chest of the Labrador is located at the level of the elbows of the front paws and is narrowed down for more free movement.

Labrador Retriever, Labrador, Retriever, Labrador, Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Labrador Retriever Dog
Photo 2. Brown color Labrador Retriever
It is not considered a deviation from the standard if the breast is lowered slightly lower.

The distance from the shoulder joint to the base of the tail should be equal (in some cases, slightly more) to the height of the dog at the withers.

The upper line of the body of these pets tends to remain straight and at rest, and while walking or running. It is also characteristic of the lower line of the abdomen to be straight, that is, the stomach is not drawn in or hung.

The length of the paws of dogs of this breed is such that it does not make the Labrador too squat, but at the same time it cannot be called leggy either.

The paws are strong, the fingers on them are short, the pads are sufficiently developed. Dewclaws are usually removed.

In general, the feet are located exactly under the body and are perpendicular to the ground. Thanks to this, Labrador movements are uncomplicated and free.

Labrador Color Types
Labrador wool is short and different in color: white, black, brown, yellow.

Whatever the color of a pet, it must be monotonous.

Labrador Retriever, Labrador, Retriever, Labrador, Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Labrador Retriever Dog
Photo 3. The color of a Labrador can be black, white, red …
Labradors of black and yellow color have black nose and eyes.

Brown (chocolate colored) representative of this breed is different and brown nose, and nutty eyes.

Deviations from these parameters according to the standard are not allowed.

Brown Labradors with black or very dark eyes may occur, which is not desirable, as it gives the dog a look of evil or aggressive expression.

Millions of fans around the world know for sure – Labradors cannot be evil and aggressive.

Labrador Retriever Character
Labradors – if you quote a famous cartoon – different mind and ingenuity.

In this regard, they can be compared with beagles, fox terriers and a lot of other wonderful breeds of dogs.

Labradors tend to be useful and are very obedient pets.

According to many official and unofficial ratings of dogs for intelligence and inclination for training, Labradors always occupy an honorable place in the top five leaders.

Labrador Retriever
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