Labrador (dog)
General form Strong build, compact, very active; wide in the skull; with a wide and deep chest and ribs, wide and strong hind limbs and lower back. GENERAL IMPRESSION: Sturdy…

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Fun Facts about love and relationships
Characteristic features and capabilities of a Labrador
It is not necessary to punish the dog, the Labrador responds very well even to strict intonation. He is very inquisitive and energetic, and with the help of games and…

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Character and intelligence dogs
Labrador breed love for its characteristics, nice looking exterior and complete handling. Retrievers are considered very adequate, obedient and motivated on humans. They are used as guide dogs and rescuers.…

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How to care for a Labrador

A labrador is a medium sized dog and usually enjoys good health. People breeding this breed of dogs, put a lot of effort to prevent hereditary diseases such as ulnar or femoral dysplasia. Only not always genetic inheritance can be explained by the presence of disease.

Factors negatively affecting the health of Labrador:

as mentioned, genetics;
unhealthy diet;
physical overload in young labradors;
insufficient stress on the skeletal system in adult dogs.
How to care for a Labrador
The breed of Labradors was bred specifically for hunting, and therefore the lack of skills and stimulation of mental development, lack of physical activity on the muscles of the dog can adversely affect its appearance and morale.

Diet and nutrition
Lack of vitamins in the diet, however, as well as their excess, can lead to irreversible processes in the dog’s body, so the owners of this breed must always consult with a veterinarian when choosing feed.

To properly feed the dog, you need to have some knowledge in this matter.

You need to know that the need for water in the day for a dog is approximately equal to the daily need for calories. Her body contains about 80% of the liquid, so fresh water should always be present in the dog bowl.

LabradorProteins called amino acid chains. In the diet of dogs 10 amino acids must be present in a mandatory manner, because she can not get it yourself. Foods that contain a large indicator of protein – is fish, meat, boiled egg. Wheat, soy contain much less protein. There is enough protein in milk, but the dog’s organism digests the milk badly. With sufficient protein intake, dogs tend to develop tendons, cartilages, tissue regeneration, and sufficient lubrication in the joints.

Oil and fat
Fat is the main source of animal energy, because fatty foods contain twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. They are better absorbed vitamins, they present a need in the development of a dog’s hormones. This stimulates pregnancy, brain cells are formed correctly, and the health of the dog’s skin is maintained. Her coat becomes impenetrable.

How to feed Labrador puppies
There are two ways of feeding Labrador puppies at home:

if you feed the puppy with ready-made feeds, the choice is to stop on those that are suitable for age;
feeding with natural products implies consumption of lean beef, cottage cheese, sea lean fish, rice or buckwheat by a puppy.
An adult dog is fed twice a day, and babies are fed like this:

1-2 monthly about 6 times a day;
3-4 monthly – 4 times;
older than 5 months – 3 times a day.
Clean water and coaster for feeding bowls at the level of the elbows of a Labrador are obligatory.

There is no particular trouble with the Labrador Retriever. You need to do this:

when the dog turns 9 weeks old, he needs a vaccination against various infections;
a second vaccination is given at 12 weeks;
further labradors are vaccinated every year;
timely to rid the animal from worms;
It is desirable to place the dog bed away from radiators and drafts;
so that the baby has learned to go to the toilet in one place, once you need to cover the floors with newspapers. He will be determined, and then he will do it in the same place;
At home, the baby Labrador should have a lot of toys, and then the owners’ things will remain intact. All electrical wires in the apartment should be hidden;
bathe dogs if necessary;
wipe out labradors once a week;
you need to watch the claws, ears and eyes of the dog, in addition, ears and eyes are rubbed with a special compound;
and, of course, walking the dog as often as possible.
How to train labrador
By their nature, Labradors are very soft and quick-witted. And therefore they are trained in the form of a game and try not to punish unnecessarily. You need to make a plan for teams and rewards.

For small puppies, the training lesson should be short but succinct, because the dog cannot yet concentrate on something for a long time.

For rewards, you should use your favorite dog treats in the form of small pieces so that they can be easily swallowed. All classes with a dog must begin with a good mood on both sides, and then they will become very fruitful.

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Labrador (dog)
General form Strong build, compact, very active; wide in the skull; with a wide and deep chest and ribs, wide and strong hind limbs and lower back. GENERAL IMPRESSION: Sturdy…


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