Training and education
All Labrador Retrievers, without exception, need training. And it does not matter at all whether the dog will perform them at home, at an exhibition or on a hunt. To…

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Breed history
Researchers failed to establish the stages of origin of this species for certain. But there are several theories on this. Their ancestors are the Nfoundland dogs that lived on the…

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The history of the breed.
The history of labradors comes from the beginning of the 19th century. At this time on the island of Newfoundland, there was a so-called "small Newfoundland", which was a loyal…

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What kind of food is best for a Labrador puppy

Are you the happy owner of a lovely labrador puppy? Surely, then you have already encountered the problem of proper feeding of such a pet. Representatives of this breed can eat everything that is fraught with consequences: give them power and cute puppies will eat everything in a row. Of course, such a balance of things will bring problems with the digestive system. How to properly feed Labrador puppies, and what kind of food will be for them not only the most delicious, but also the most useful?

The first thing to understand is that a puppy’s diet is significantly different from an adult dog’s diet. It is not necessary to feed the pet from the table: the animal’s body is arranged differently, and the food from our feast can lead to diseases. The growing body of a small Labrador requires a double portion of healthy vitamins, minerals and other substances. There are two types of food ration: balanced dry food or products of natural origin, which you will prepare yourself, which is not very convenient for owners. In no case do not mix the two types of food.

Labrador Puppy Nutrition

If you decide to stop feeding special dry food, it is best to listen to the advice of experts or veterinarians. Choose food only premium class, as their natural composition contains all the necessary nutrients that do not require additional additives. Only in this way will your pet get everything you need and grow healthy and happy.

When a diet consisting of dry food, it is necessary to strictly follow these rules:

– in no case do not interfere with ready-made food with natural, cooked food: this will harm the baby’s digestion;

– do not forget over time to replace the food on the one that will suit the age of the Labrador and its daily activity;

– without prior consultation of the veterinarian, you should not add supplements and vitamins to the diet.

Of course, Labrador owners are interested in what kind of food is considered the best. There is no answer to this question, as the animal’s body is very individual. Specialists of our store DajLapu have made a special rating of manufacturers who produce natural dry food for puppies without various harmful impurities.

• Happy Life / Happy Life (Belgium)

• Royal Canin / Royal Canin (France-Russia)

• Bosch / Bosch (France)

• Pro Plan / Proplan (Russia)

• Hill’s / Hills (USA)


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