Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever - this versatile breed is different not only in hunting, but also as a guide for the blind, a service dog that reveals anything from drugs to gas…

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Opinions about the Labrador's training always disagree, because Labradors are extremely intelligent and kind dogs, and it can be easily raised without the help of a cynologist. I know many…

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Labrador retriever. Interesting Facts
The facts and information about Labrador Retrievers contained in this article will help you to love this breed of dogs. In most television commercials, Labrador retrievers are shown as family…

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Why you do not need to start a Labrador

This article is dedicated to those who are still going to have a dog and chose the breed Labrador Retriever (hereinafter – Labrador). We will not talk here about breed standards or how to choose a puppy – there are already enough of such resources. On the contrary, we will tell you about the peculiarities of breeding, what the breeders are silent about when selling (they probably have their own reasons for this) and what the person who takes responsibility for the living creature still needs to know.

To our surprise, we often face situations where people are quite calmly ready to give the dog in the following situations:

“This dog does not suit us, it …” Then you can substitute any of the following phrases: too big, snoring, constantly shedding, stupid, spoiled repairs, ate my favorite shoes, etc.
“We have a little baby.” This is perhaps the most frequent reason when people, as a matter of course, consider it right to give the dog.
“I (or my child, mother, grandmother) was allergic to animals.” Believe me, people with allergies can coexist with animals if they want. And there are such examples. And it is not as difficult as it seems. And the secret is not to take endless allergy pills. But the article is not about that.
This article is unthinkable for those who are given a list of excuses to get rid of the dog. And for those who want to prepare in advance for the difficulties of keeping a Labrador or, probably, even abandon this idea after reading it.

Little about the breed

Still, I’ll have to say a few words about the breed, as errors sometimes occur with the definition of a breed. What you need to know when buying.
All the breed of dog sounds not Labrador, but Labrador Retriever. Labrador is a colloquial name for the breed. Labrador belongs to the class of retrievers, a group of hunting dogs. Labradors come in three colors – fawn (not golden! – more on that later), chocolate (or brown) and black. All three colors are correct, pedigree, this is not a marriage, all colors and qualities of a Labrador are inherent in all colors. There are already nuances in shades and stains, but we will not go into such details, this can be read in the relevant publications in the description of the breed and in the section of the breed on the color.
So, there is such a class of hunting dogs – retrievers. There are quite a few retrievers; the most famous of them are Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers. Golden retrievers are also called in English manners – Golden Retrievers, which is one and the same. Labradors and Goldens are most confused, although it is quite simple to distinguish them. Goldens have long flowing wool and color, they can be only one – golden (from light to reddish). Most similar to them, Labradors are fawn, but their hair is short and, unlike goldens, they do not need to be cut.

How to understand if I can take a dog

In order not to make a mistake and not to get a dog under the influence of momentary desire, we have compiled this article. We structured the difficulties that await the Labrador owners. We suggest that you take a pencil and a piece of paper to put a plus sign in front of each of these difficulties, if after our description you think you can handle it or it’s not a problem for you, and a minus, if the indicated difficulty doesn’t suit you in the dog. As a result, we will summarize and make a verdict whether you can start a Labrador.

Why do you need a dog

A common reason to take a puppy is the request of the child. Parents believe that this is a good opportunity to accustom children to responsibility. To Man grew (with a capital letter). This is, of course, a great delusion. A responsible and kind child can grow up without a dog. And we liked one way to check your child’s readiness to take responsibility for the dog. Offer him / her to get up from tomorrow before school for 40 minutes earlier and, regardless of the weather, go out for half an hour to go outside. If your child survives a month, then this is one point in his favor for making a positive decision. If, even on the 30th day, the child whimpered and refused to crawl out from under the warm blanket, then you should forget about the dog. And then you can not go into the article.
If you decide to get a dog for yourself, then think carefully and admit to yourself – would not the dog be a means to meet its ambitions? To be painted in public. Try yourself as an ensign. If not, put a plus sign. Otherwise – a minus.
If you buy a dog as a gift, then read this article to the person to whom you are going to give a puppy. If after that he approves your gift, then give boldly. However, we strongly recommend that you read the section “How to choose a Labrador so that it does not hurt painfully.”

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