The history of the breed.
The history of labradors comes from the beginning of the 19th century. At this time on the island of Newfoundland, there was a so-called "small Newfoundland", which was a loyal…

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Why you do not need to start a Labrador
This article is dedicated to those who are still going to have a dog and chose the breed Labrador Retriever (hereinafter - Labrador). We will not talk here about breed…

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Characteristic features and capabilities of a Labrador
It is not necessary to punish the dog, the Labrador responds very well even to strict intonation. He is very inquisitive and energetic, and with the help of games and…

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Character and intelligence dogs

Labrador breed love for its characteristics, nice looking exterior and complete handling.

Retrievers are considered very adequate, obedient and motivated on humans. They are used as guide dogs and rescuers. The main feature of the retriever is unlimited devotion to its owner. Labradors are fun, love outdoor games. Such behavior is maintained until old age in the case when they are an apartment dog.

If we are talking about a service dog, then here he has no equal in the search for drugs and explosives. Labrador has an excellent sense of smell, works with concentration, without being distracted by external stimuli.

Attitudes towards others and children
A family with a small child cannot find a better breed than a Labrador. These dogs are patient with childish pranks. Problems with the adaptation of the pet will not arise, just do not let the baby overly imposed on the Labrador.

Labrador Retriever in the family

If there are guests in the house, then there is no greater joy for a retriever than communicating with people. For all the second there is, the tail will wag, lick, smiling in the dog’s mouth, sit next, trying to look the guest in the eye. Labrador not only expresses his disposition to a stranger in this way, but also hopes for a treat.

Training and education of breed Labrador
According to the type of temperament identified by I.P. Pavlov, Labradors are strong, balanced, inert. Translating into “human” language, they can be safely called phlegmatic.

Phlegmatic people are distinguished by low mobility of nervous processes, they “harness for a long time, but travel fast.” A pet needs more time to memorize commands, but the reflexes that have been worked out are fixed in it forever.

Pros and cons of breed
The characteristics of the Labrador retrievers, whose photos can be seen in the article, speak for themselves. Dogs seem ideal in all respects, this impression is deceptive. There are drawbacks for everyone, representatives of the breed are no exception. But first it is worth mentioning their advantages:

Exceptional loyalty to the owner.
Developed scent, with dogs you can hunt water birds, because Labradors are also distinguished by their love of swimming.
Friendly attitude towards children, strangers and pets.
Cheerful disposition, a retriever will not let anyone get bored.
Slow but sure learning commands.
Retrievers are suitable for families with children, the elderly, single girls and young men.
A variety of colors allows you to make the desired choice.
Now about the shortcomings of Labradors. The most significant of these is the type of higher nervous activity.

To train a phlegmatic dog requires patience and calmness, and this is not everyone can. The breed does not suit irritable, inconsistent and overly energetic people, the dog of such a host will be under constant stress, and then will refuse to work at all, not understanding its requirements.

Maintenance, care and nutrition
When starting a Labrador, you should remember their original purpose. These dogs are excellent hunters and swimmers, they need constant movement. The owner will have to walk a lot with the Labrador, providing him with games in the fresh air. Walking with a dog, it is advisable to bypass all the puddles, for he will gladly fit into each, hoping to swim.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

As for home hygiene, regular bathing is not required. Due to the particular coat of the retriever, its care is minimized. Wool has water repellency. This is due to the fact that before the retrievers had to be in the water all the time, and its temperature was not always close to ideal. The animal’s coat was not covered with ice, which allowed it to retain the necessary heat.

There are two possible food options for the Labrador. In the first place is super-premium dry food, in the second – natural food. It is forbidden to mix these two types; certain enzymes are necessary for digestion of each of them; the retriever’s body is not capable of producing them simultaneously. Incorrectly chosen food can cause allergies.

Puppy selection rules
Strong recommendation to future owners: contact only specialized nurseries engaged in breeding Labradors. When you purchase a puppy “with hands” or an ad, you can easily become a victim of fraudsters. They will deceive a novice, under the guise of an elite dog they will sell a white Labrador retriever, although there is no such mention.

It is worth reminding those who decided to acquire a representative of the breed, that according to the standard there is a black, fawn retriever and a brown Labrador retriever, called chocolate.

The future owner is recommended to perform two exercises in order to determine the puppy’s psyche.

Clap your hands. The person waits until the puppy approaches him, after which he claps his hands loudly. If the baby cowardly tucked tail and ran off to the side, nothing good will come of it. With a strong psyche, the puppy will slightly recoil and roar in disgust, but curiosity will prevail, he will begin to try to sniff the hands of a person.

Labrador care
The rules of care for a Labrador is nothing special, they are not much different from conventional ones. However, there are several nuances that all owners of these dedicated animals…


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