The origin of the breed
Representatives of the breed got their name in honor of the peninsula Labrador, located in eastern Canada - this is obvious. Such conclusions will be erroneous, the peninsula is not…

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Travel to Belize from US
In total there are three varieties of Labradors, distinguished by the color of their wool: The main, initial color of the breed is black (resin). This is the predominant color.…

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What does a Labrador breed look like?
Sometimes in private conversation breeders and owners call pets “stools”. There is a reason in these words, it is worth looking at the dog from the side and it becomes…

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Psychology and intelligence

Whatever description of Labrador breed you may encounter, you will always notice a common trait: the intelligence and intelligence of these dogs are particularly emphasized. They easily understand the commands and words of a person, even by intonation or voice timbre. These dogs are very capable and can perform standard household functions: for example, giving you gloves, an umbrella, a book or a tablet at a certain time or on command. They know how to adapt to your habits and feel your mood. If you are sad, the dog will be sad with you. If you are well and you are ready for a beautiful walk on a sunny day, he will find his favorite ball himself and bring a leash in his teeth, joyfully wagging his tail.

A key feature of Labradors is their character. Labradors are calm and friendly, at the same time active and not at all annoying. They obediently execute commands, try to please the owner and even save him from trouble.


These dogs are not at all aggressive. They can even make friends with a cat, and they especially like playing with small children.

Long-haired pets are always welcome to guests in your home and are ready to communicate good-naturedly and sincerely even with strangers whom they see for the first time. Unfortunately, sometimes excessive sociability and curiosity harm animals. According to statistics, attackers often kidnap dogs of this particular breed. Therefore, the owners of Labradors should remember that leaving their four-legged friend on the street unattended is fraught with the kidnapping of a dog.

One of the key points in the content of the Labrador is the active communication between the host and the pet. He should be a member of the family – watch TV shows with you, wait for your child’s birthday, take an active part in family picnics in nature, and so on. With a Labrador you need to communicate a lot, because the words of praise for this dog are much more important than any delicacy.


In the description of the breed Labrador you can also notice another frequently cited characteristic: the high mobility of these dogs. Labs need physical exertion and long walks. Even the most obedient Labrador can arrange a natural disaster in your apartment if you periodically forget about his needs. But this is not because of anger, vindictiveness or resentment – just in this way (throwing things, splashing in the bathroom, tearing the wallpaper and brushing your computer off the table), the Labrador will be able to entertain himself and throw out energy.

Even at the age of a puppy, the Labrador understands that the main thing in his life is a man. Therefore, education is usually not difficult. The owner must show that hyperactivity is not always good, and a person’s location cannot always be achieved with the help of a desire to please and wagging his tail. Accustom these dogs to walking and physical exertion: it is this rhythm that will lead them to discipline and give peace and joy to your life together with the Labrador.



Walking and exercise

These long-eared dogs are very calm, but at the same time extremely active. How is this possible? This is one of the features of the breed of dogs Labrador, which makes it even more unique.

A clever and well-educated Labrador always knows when he can give a voice or distract you from business. The secret of successful education of a four-legged friend is the control of his activity. The owner just has to set the rhythm. It must be remembered that Labradors are very mobile, so their activity will be able to pacify only walks and physical exertion. The ideal option is a short morning walk (about half an hour) and a long evening (about two hours). Sometimes this mode should be alternated with a series of several short walks – 4-5 walking sessions for half an hour each. Also, they just need more serious workloads – for example, a Labrador will be happy if you decide to play ball or frisbee with him. You can safely take a pet for morning jogging, hiking or even cycling – thanks to the natural endurance the dog will follow the bike for a long time without any problems.

You can’t get away from genetics, the Labrador breed was born on the ocean, these dogs love water very much. Therefore, at least once a month they need to arrange water procedures. If possible, the animal can be reduced to the nearest clean river or to a forest lake.

Any outdoor activity is joy and the best fitness for a Labrador, so the owners of these dogs have the opportunity to experiment in every way. The main thing is that rest and entertainment do not harm the dog and others.

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Psychology and intelligence
Whatever description of Labrador breed you may encounter, you will always notice a common trait: the intelligence and intelligence of these dogs are particularly emphasized. They easily understand the commands…