The nature and behavior of dogs
Labrador life expectancy averages 10-14 years. It depends on the conditions of maintenance and compliance with the owner of the rules of pet care. Development features The development of a…

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Breed standard
Now for the breed Labrador Retriever accepted two official standards: English. Approved in 1988 by the official canine club of the United Kingdom (Kennel Club). American. Approved in 1994 by…

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Information about the breed Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retrievers - strong-built, strong dogs. By proportions, they almost resemble a square, they have a dense body and strong paws. The maximum height of a dog is 60 cm,…

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Labrador is the kindest dog

The most kind and probably the most famous breed of dogs is the Labrador. The popular phrase “Dog is a friend of a man” is best suited for this breed.

Labrador is an example of the kindest dog that will suit everyone.

Short description
A dog of breed Labrador is of medium size, is not a small dog, but it will be difficult to call it a big one. The maximum height is half a meter. Today there are only black, brown, white colors of this breed.

Labrador is indeed called the kindest dog, it even has many different titles such as a guide dog, a dog – a nurse, a dog – a companion.
They are not deprived of intellect, are well subject to training, and are easily adjusted to the lifestyle of their owner, because the mood of the owner of a dog of this breed will always be upbeat. It’s fun to play with them, it’s hard to ruin them so that they start growling or biting.

The balance of the Labradors is amazing, they are great babysitters. If you leave the child for a while, the baby will be completely safe, and the Labrador will always become familiar with other animals without conflict. If the family already has a cat, the dog will never swear at it.

Most of us, knowing that dogs with large dimensions do not live long, try to avoid buying such dogs. However, this fact does not apply to the Labrador.

Dogs of breed Labrador have a life expectancy of 15 – 18 years and this is an excellent indicator.
Of course, this directly depends on the owners, who should remember about the treatment and nutrition of the pet.

Pet lifestyle
The Labrador is a very calm dog, but also, at the moments of the game, it is very active and every owner needs to know how to keep his pet in check, having strict control over his actions and not allowing puppy hyperactivity.

A good way to be active is walking in the fresh air, preferably 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening and not just walking, but playing with a stick or bagel, running after the bike.

A dog leading an active lifestyle should, accordingly, eat properly. Labradors, unfortunately, have some tendency to obesity, and therefore if the decision about how to feed a pet fell on meat, it is better to give preference to dietary types of meat: poultry, lamb, beef.

But still if the choice fell on food, it is worth remembering that it should contain all the necessary elements, and if the puppy is from the nursery, you should consult with the worker about the food that the dog was fed before, so as not to spoil her stomach, and then gradually transfer to the right diet

Labrador content in the house
Of course, it is possible, but it is worth remembering some difficulties at the initial stages of apartment habituation. Puppies, unfortunately, are not very clean, because it is worth while to remove the carpets, as well as any dangerous items within its reach.

For the first time, a playpen is well suited for a bed, but in no case should the puppy be allowed to spend the whole time there. The kid should keep its activity, run and play – get used to its new owner.

When choosing a place in which the dog will sleep, it is worth considering that the puppy loves communication, which means that most of the house should be visible from its place, and the place itself should be spacious so that the dog has room to stretch and relax.

Dog care
Grooming a dog is not limited to bathing, although it is undoubtedly important. Labradors love to swim, but don’t go overboard with this. Frequent water treatments can damage the pet’s hair and skin. Enough and once a week.

Soaps and shampoos for people will not work for Labrador, you should use special gels for dogs, the water should be warm. Washing a Labrador, with a calm reaction to the bath, may be one person, but it is much more convenient to do it together, evenly, starting from the body and the paws, finishing with the head and carefully watching so that the soap does not fall into the eyes.

Teeth deserve special attention. It is sometimes necessary to inspect the pet’s mouth, especially at the time when the period of the change of teeth. It also happens that when a molar begins to grow, the milky has not yet had time to fall out, in which case it is worth contacting a veterinarian.

To brush your teeth is also a special toothpaste and a baby toothbrush (you can also rub it with your finger), you can not forget about special toys that the dog gnaws, preventing the formation of tartar.

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